Revue internationale des technologies en pédagogie universitaire

International Journal of Technologies in Higher Education

L’instrumentation de la scénarisation pédagogique

Instrumented scenario-based learning
Gilbert Paquette - Centre de recherche LICEF, Télé-université, Canada
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Instructional or learning scenario building is a complex process. Technology evolution entails a more complex set of decisions than in the past. The instrumentation of this process is becoming essential. The goal of this article is to present a set of instruments to support the scenario building process. Key instruments are graphic educational modeling tools. The standardization of these scenarios is another mean to instrument the reusability and the adaptability of pedagogical methods. Seen as structural learning resources, learning scenarios can be stored in a learning object referential from which they can be extracted, decomposed and recomposed to build new scenarios. Design scenarios provide methodological tools and guidance to instructional engineers to increase the quality of learning scenarios.

Available online: 2008-06-17

DOI : https://doi.org/10.18162/ritpu.2007.135

Paquette, G. (2007). L’instrumentation de la scénarisation pédagogique. International Journal of Technologies in Higher Education, 4(2), 57-71. https://doi.org/10.18162/ritpu.2007.135