Formation à distance et bien-être des étudiants

Distance Learning and Well-Being of Students
Cendrine Mercier - Université de Nantes INSPE – Laboratoire du CREN, France
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The academic year 2019–2020 will have been marked by the health crisis of COVID-19. Reflection on pedagogical practices begins in view of what happens at the beginning of the next academic year. In order to adjust the pedagogical activity as much as possible, a survey has been proposed to the students of the training who wish to become teachers. Thus, 107 participants responded to the survey. Their data provides precise elements on their material conditions and on the modalities of distanced training that promote their subjective well-being. The overall results suggest some recommendations for the coming academic year.

Available online: 2021-01-06


Mercier, C. (2020). Formation à distance et bien-être des étudiants. International Journal of Technologies in Higher Education, 17(3), 103-116.

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