La gestion des tuteurs en ligne, pour un tutorat de qualité

Managing distance education tutors online: Towards improving online learning
Nicole Racette - Université TÉLUQ, Canada
Guillaume Desjardins - Université TÉLUQ, Canada
Marie-Pierre Bourdages-Sylvain - Université TÉLUQ, Canada
Martin Houle - Université TÉLUQ, Canada
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This article examines the following research question: In order to ensure a good quality of supervision in online university courses, according to the scientific literature, what types of skills should be developed among tutors, on the one hand, and among the managers of these tutors, on the other hand. Management skills are required, but also in work organization, social exchange, especially in a teleworking context, in the use of ICT, in order to maintain motivation and efficiency of work.

Available online: 2020-02-13


Racette, N., Desjardins, G., Bourdages-Sylvain, M.-P., & Houle, M. (2019). La gestion des tuteurs en ligne, pour un tutorat de qualité. International Journal of Technologies in Higher Education, 16(3), 57-72.