Simulation multimédia à interactivité variable

Multimedia simulation with variable interactivity
Marc Couture - Télé-université, Canada
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Herzberg is a multimedia simulation environment that allows the vibration and rotation of molecules to be visualized and explored. It can be used to create documents consisting of a series of pages displaying one or two molecules in predefined configurations; text and voiceover explanation may be associated with each page. The level of interactivity may be set for each document. New molecules may be added, or the characteristics of the predefined molecules edited, without programming. Thus, depending on the preferred pedagogical approach, the learning level, or the learning phase, Herzberg can be a useful visualization tool in association with a base document, a simulator for independent exploration, or an authoring system for creating one’s own multimedia documents. KEYWORDS : simulation, multimedia, interactivity, molecular movements, teaching chemistry, teaching physics, education technology

Available online: 2004-05-20


Couture, M. (2004). Simulation multimédia à interactivité variable. International Journal of Technologies in Higher Education, 1(1), 27-32.