Making Curriculum Visible Through a Multi-Dimensional, Interactive Curriculum Map, MyCourseMap

Représenter un programme d’études au moyen d’une carte de curriculum interactive multidimensionnelle, MyCourseMap
Lisa B​G Tee - Curtin University, Australia
Jose Manuel Serrano Santos - Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Kristen Seaman - Curtin University, Australia
Tin Fei Sim - Curtin University, Australia
Simon B. Bedford - Western Sydney University, Australia
Lai Heng Tee - Victoria University, Australia
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Universities often find it challenging to provide students with an effective and holistic view of their program and its disciplinary outcomes. To provide a transparent visualisation of the curriculum, a multi-dimensional and interactive curriculum map tool, MyCourseMap, was developed. This study utilises mixed methods to explore how prepared Australian universities are in providing explicit information on the curriculum to staff and students. Staff and students reported a lack of awareness of course learning outcomes and graduate attributes adding to the issue of students not fully comprehending how their degree is aligned with employment expectations. MyCourseMap served to help resolve these coherence and visualisation issues.

Available online: 2021-11-15


Tee, L. B. G., Serrano Santos, J. M., Seaman, K., Sim, T. F., Bedford, S. B., & Tee, L. H. (2021). Making Curriculum Visible Through a Multi-Dimensional, Interactive Curriculum Map, MyCourseMap. International Journal of Technologies in Higher Education, 18(3), 53-72.