La perspective étudiante sur la formation comodale, ou hybride flexible

What do university students think about hybrid-flexible, or HyFlex courses?
Julien Gobeil-Proulx - Université Laval, Canada
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A course offered in the HyFlex format can be followed face-to-face or remotely by students, which allows them to choose weekly the mode that suits them best. It is important, for the development of this exploratory offer in higher education institutions, to examine the perspective of the students enrolled in these courses. We administered a questionnaire to all students enrolled in 9 HyFlex courses offered at 4 different faculties of a Canadian university; 311 students (N = 311) responded voluntarily. Three major findings emerge from our analysis: the HyFlex format is greatly appreciated by the students; most students choose distance learning; students tend to choose a modality and stay with it throughout the session.

Available online: 2019-09-05


Gobeil-Proulx, J. (2019). La perspective étudiante sur la formation comodale, ou hybride flexible. International Journal of Technologies in Higher Education, 16(1), 56-67.