Scénario pédagogique et efficacité des instruments de communication

Learning scenarios and the effectiveness of communication tools
Stéphane Simonian - Université Lumière Lyon 2, France
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This research concerns the effectiveness of the pedagogical scenarios in an academic distance learning context, based on teaching approach. In this context, the recent literature focuses with a socioconstructivist point of view on the pedagogical scenario, seen as a facilitator of interaction. Our question of research concerns especially the relevance of communication instruments (mail, forum, chat) according to different uses. The study highlights that an affordance in the use of communication instruments depends on the pedagogical scenario; this scenario must be based on a collaborative activity in a short period.

Available online: 2009-11-04


Simonian, S. (2008). Scénario pédagogique et efficacité des instruments de communication. International Journal of Technologies in Higher Education, 5(3), 36-50.